About Us

Panoramix Global is a revolutionary research consultancy designed to help companies understand an increasingly complex consumer living in an increasingly dynamic global marketplace.

The brainchild of industry pioneer and Iconoculture co-founder Mary Meehan, Panoramix leverages a groundbreaking methodology to deliver the accurate insights and actionable foresights required to achieve meaningful growth and innovation. While traditional methods of consumer research fail to account for systemic complexity, global ascendency and consumer agency, we collect, contextualize and synergize multidimensional data to create a clear picture of what’s happening next … and what it means for business.

The Panoramix View: The New Rules of Consumer Research

We’re all global businesses now.servicesArrowGreen The future of consumer research is global.
Every business, from massive multinational corporations to the smallest boutique agencies, operates in a global marketplace and targets a globally influenced consumer. The successful businesses of tomorrow must develop a native awareness of our all-encompassing global culture, and strategize and execute accordingly.

Consumers live in systems.servicesArrowGreenThe future of consumer research is dynamic.
It is no longer possible to translate trends without accounting for push and pull of socio-cultural systems. The ecology of consumer culture is a continual adaptive cycle of growth, restructuring and renewal. In order to engage consumers and anticipate the future, it is critical to understand how consumers self-organize around disruptive elements to fuel gradual – yet meaningful – change.

Context is king.servicesArrowGreenThe future of consumer research is holistic.
Consumers don’t exist in a silo. Isolated stats and one-dimensional insights fail to yield the foresights that inform meaningful strategic planning decisions and truly innovative ideas. Effective, accurate consumer research must synthesize diverse data with histories, adjacencies and perspectives to create a clear picture of reality and unearth the opportunities of tomorrow.

One size fits nobody.servicesArrowGreenThe future of consumer research is customized.
General market knowledge and repurposed reports do not address the unique challenges of any business. Tomorrow’s approach is flexible, focused and reactive, bringing together experts from different disciplines to provide the dimension and context needed to make research both meaningful and applicable.

Insights + Foresights = True Innovation. servicesArrowGreenThe future of consumer research is transformative.
Insights are no longer enough. In order to translate connections into true innovation, businesses must reflect and embody the systemic trends and patterns that reveal where consumers are going next, and why.

From complexity
to context
to clarity.